Cubase Automation Inquiry

I am researching DAW features and in the process have heard that it is not straightforward to automate insert FX parameters in Cubase. In Ableton, you can draw in the modulation with ease. Is there a difference between the DAWs related to automating FX parameters and its respective difficulty?

Hi and welcome,

There are different ways, how to reach the automation parameter. VST3 plug-ins should support right-click and “Open automation track” option. But it’s not true for all plug-ins.

The most common workaround in Cubase is to hit Write automation, and write a movement. Then you can show used automation in Cubase.

But honestly, Cubase and Live are pretty different DAWs with different aproach and goals. There are much more important differences than automation. Like different aproach, different tool sets…

There are definitely more steps involved in automating in Cubase, and if you want the automation lane to show up automatically you have to do some setting up. Plus Live allows you to draw curves and Cubase really only has a makeshift solution. However, Cubase allows for numeric input which is something that’s sorely missed in Live.

I personally find it a lot easier to automate in Live, but I’ve been using Live for a few years and only been using Cubase for a few months.