Cubase Automation issues on audio tracks (version 6.5.1)

I have a tremendous problem with all the automation on the backup of series of projects for a soundtrack.

I did the mixing about 9 months ago, did the backup on my hard drive, and now that I need to get the hand on the projects I see that all the volume automations on the projects are gone!!! :cry:

I am really desparate because I need to make the stems for the 5.1 surround mixing, and now all my work has gone! :cry:

Did you have this kind of issue with your projects?

Anyway I may have done a mistake for not copying my track to the audio folder (they were on another folder named “multitrack” , and when i re-opened the project Cubase didn’t find the audio files, so I had to locate the folder first, but everything went fine and Cubase found all the audio files).

Any help would be really really appreciated, thanks in advance…