Cubase Automation "Jumps" rather than following the curve.

HELP! Cubase is jumping between automation points, rather than smoothly following the bezier curve:

I had to re-install Windows last week, so maybe there is some obvious setting that I haven’t had to touch in 10 years that I’m missing here.


Sorry, should it be an animated GIF? I can’t see anything wrong on the picture.

Hello, if you want the automation to follow what you want and not be so abrupt, you must enter the configuration; in the automation panel. Where the percentages come out, try lowering them. I practically have them at 0


I see… In English Cubase version, this is in the Automation Panel > Settings > Reduction Level.


@pablin_drummer, you should double-check your graphic card compatibility. I can see some common artefacts, which appear when you use incompatible graphic card.

correct, that’s right. As I put in other threads I have to work like this with an old laptop, (Hp Dv6, Intel hd graphics 3000 + Amd 6700m (which works well with cubase 10 but I have to sacrifice some plugins that I like to use or else I can work with those plugins, cubase looks perfect but I can’t access the menus, therefore impossible to work … The only viable solution? use cubase pro 9.5 that works very well, although there are options that change or I can’t use … Intel is clear that It will not give support, but Steinberg, if I could do it … because in the end some blame the others, the others to some and then annoying users stop using cubase (which is not going to be my case). … I asked a few days ago if I could get installers of the first versions of Cubase 10 and I still have not received a response …

Thanks for your time


I did reply to you…

Hello Martin, first I apologize if I have passed. And second, regarding the installers, I have not seen anything, neither in the mail, nor in the notifications of this forum … I will go back to check the mail and the notifications that came out here.

Hello Martin, check all my emails, the forum notifications and I have not seen any answer about the cubase 10 installers above … Still there is some misunderstanding, there is no problem