Cubase - Awesomeness!

I’ve been a Sonar user for a long time, it works well and has gotten pretty stable. Lately though, I’ve found it to be a bit limiting, some things just seem to be a bit complicated or time consuming to do there.
Friday, I got my first ever copy of Cubase and have been exploring it. I had to deal with some crashes when I first installed it but I managed to find a way to get it working minus some stuff I can do without. Besides, I’m well trained to hit Ctrl+S every 30 seconds or so.
I’m about 1/4 of the way through the manual now and every few minutes I’m find myself saying, “Wow! That’s cool, that bit is going to be useful” The feature set looks very complete and the workflow seems much more intuitive than what I’m used to.
It’s probably going to take a little while to grok everything but I have a feeling it’s going to be a great ride.
Very cool!

Reading the Manual!!! Plus a quote from Robert Heinlein(Stranger in a Strange Land)!!!
Too much to handle.

Seriously with all the controversy over here in the forum, it is easy to forget the sophisticated potential of this software.

I’ve found this series best for learning

easy to follow, and quite complete although a bit deprecated so after it worth to watch the “What’s New In …” series too


I came to the Cubase fold from Sonar. It was a great DAW, a pioneer in some ways, but once I saw Nuendo 1, it was all over for Sonar. Cubase feels more like a console.

Besides, I’m well trained to hit Ctrl+S every 30 seconds or so.

Steiny thought of that! There’s a preference to setup autosaves. How fast and how many to keep. I keep 10 and autosave every minute. [emoji5]

After a week of RTFM, I’m finally getting around to doing some actual work with Cubase. I’m finally at the point where I know enough about the features to know what’s there and where to find the stuff I don’t know enough about.
I’m blown away by the possibilities.
I’ve had some crash issues but I figured out how to work around enough of them to make the program useable. Finding the thread about removing the video components was golden. Anything I can think of has a YouTube or an article describing how to do it.
All I can say is thanks for a great bit of kit!

Aloha T, glad you are enjoying Cubase.

I too really like and use the vids and pdf’s but
in one respect I miss the old paper manuals:

I find that Cubase is so comprehensive and does soooo much
that there are mucho features that I would never or seldom use.
If fact the info I do not use is way more that the stuff I do use.

So with a paper manual I would read thru the entire book once, all the time using a
yellow marker to mark passages that were useful to me.

That way when I had to later use the manual to look up something
I only had to look at places marked ‘yellow’.

Now if only I could do that with a pdf of a vid…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Cubase is tha bomb, despite its´flaws and quirks

You can, even in Acrobat Reader you can mark the text you want, and either from the context menu or from the toolbar select Highlight. :wink:

I have to agree with the title of this thread. There’s an immense amount of functionality available. Even better, most of it is actually pretty straightforward to use. That’s the thing that sold me on Cubase. In software development, making complex features intuitive and easy is incredibly hard to do, and it’s pretty rare.

I was just making some expression maps to get around limitations in an orchestral string library and I went from “I’ve heard of that system; maybe I can use that here” to everything working perfectly in about 10 minutes. Awesome.