Cubase backup files folder location

My folders have a massive amount of backup files, which I need to scroll past everytime I want to open a project. How can I specify where these .bak files are stored so I don’t have to scroll past the many, many files everytime? Thanks -

You can specify the amount and frequency of backup files in preferences. I don’t see an option to specify where they are saved. They normally automatically get saved to the current live project folder as far as I’m aware. Is that not the case with your installation?

I recently cleaned up my HD and removed all the old Cubase .bak files. That saved me 3GB of disc space! Worth doing with completed projects every once in a while to help keep things neat and tidy.

Unfortunately you can’t change the location.

I have Windows Task Scheduler run a batch file when my PC boots that sets all the .bak files to be hidden. So they are still in the Project Folder but I don’t normally see them unless I tell Windows to show the Hidden Files.

However this does not hide the .bak files created during my current session. I’m fine with that because it only shows a few of the most recently created backup files & those are exactly the files I’d want if I needed to use a backup. If this did bother me I’d have Task Scheduler hide the files every hour or so.

Here’s the batch file

:: Sets all the Cubase .bak files so they have the Hidden attribute set
:: Change the command from "+" to "-" to clear the Hidden attribute
:: Works on P: disk, change location to where your Cubase Projects are


attrib +h /s P:*.bak


Set BAK files (324 Bytes)

Yes, they save in the same folder - which is the problem. I have to scroll through pages of .bak files before I get to the project file I want to open. I’ll have to disable automatic back-up it looks like. Thank you

Thank you.