Cubase Backup Project - Sampler Track Feature Request


I utilize the backup project feature heavily in Cubase. Especially, when writing multiple cues in a film. It’s easier for me to write one cue, and then use back up to the next as I might use the previous cue “sounds” and mix as a starting point etc.

I also like to use Cubase’s sampler track a bit referencing audio files etc.

The request I’m asking for if possible, is when backing up a project, an option to “Not copy over referenced Sampler Audio Files”.

Currently, even if I have a sampler track that are referencing audio files located on my sample drive, when backing up a project it will copy those audio files into the new back up project.

I’d personally just like an option not to have that copy over so I don’t have a duplicate of the audio files in every project that I’m referencing too from my sampler drive.

I realize I could just use a different sampler like Kontakt or something, but I do like Cubase’s sampler track for basic needs and it would be nice to have this feature in the back up options.