Cubase balks and then fast forwards to bar >= 300 and stops playing, does not crash

This problem (above) seems to be related to the use of a Chord track, especially after typing in a new chord and then starting playback. Is this a known bug, or should I attempt a re-install?

Starting off, I’d go with ‘no’ to both.

What do you mean by “balks”?

When you say “fast forwards” does that mean it is moving rapidly through all the bars or is it jumping from one spot on the timeline to another?

Why do you think it is related to the Chord Track?

Is this occurring on all your Projects or only one?

Thanks for contacting mw

This started happening at a time when I was entering new chords or playing the new chords and might not be related.

I tried to duplicate this behavior just now and it recurred just after I clicked [Play] button. Not every single time 40%-50% of the time. Seemed unrelated to my adding new chords this time.

“Balks” was not the right term. Actually the cursor vanishes and music stops. And the left side of the screen is showing bar 330 with all the “parts” having been left behind.

This is happening about 50% of the time though so it seems useless to do anything but walk away and hope it behaves next time I sit down to compute again

This is another odd thing I just noticed. The [Play>] button is sometimes green when there is no sound and no progress of the cursor across the screen.

It is happening in other projects, except the screen can jump to other positions (like bar 130 instead of 330). With some finished projects I’m just maybe listening to, it does not happen at all.

If Loop is enabled but the Left & Right Locators are swapped that will cause the Cursor to skip over the section between the Locators.

When this next occurs could you zoom all the way out so the entire Timeline is visible & take a screenshot of the Project Window.

That all looks normal to me.

Maybe a hidden Marker Track you are jumping to or a Remote Device gone rogue?