Cubase basically unusable on mac

Is it just me or is Cubase basically unusable on a Mac after updating to 10.5.5? Constant spikes, crashes, spinning wheels, graphic issues including hanging screens or red flickering. I have a fully loaded mid-2018 MacBook Pro and have zero issues with ProTools or Ableton. This is beyond frustrating.

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After having 2 spoofs while just removing a plugin from an insert in less than a day I just did not thought twice about it, reinsalled and went back to 9.6.
New features and all are just not worth it if you can’t get stuff done.

i recently upgraded from 10.0 to 10.5 and now both systems refuse to boot.

the dongle says 10.5 is authorised so im also at a loose end.

anyone else?

macOS 10.15.2 with Cubase 10.5.5 here. Works super fine, only a few plug-ins from Waves can cause crashes sometimes.
Otherwise its running super snappy and stable.

No problems here either - both on Mac Pro Trash can and Macbook Pro 2017

Sorry to hear that I know how frustrating it can be ! But currently (fingers crossed) my whole setup is working flawlessly - it’s just the best iteration so far. I suspect but am by no means a grand senior expert here, that it is plugin related. You may have to do the tedious removal of all the plugins - see if a ‘clean’ cubase works and if it does, replace them one by one - or at least remove the usual suspects which often involve waves plugins for example.

Which OS?

I am on High Sierra and 10.5.4. No issues.

which OS X version? which 3rd party plugins?

with Mojave also for me 10.5.5 is unusable with McDsp and Arousor and more plugin… same plugin with cubase 10 works fine! I pay for plugin and for update cubase but not can use it . thanks Steinberg!!! no reply no comment nothing! thanks Steinberg!

In the issues forum Matthias has acknowledged the problem and the fact that Steinberg is working hard on it. He wrote that we can expect a maintenance update around the end of January that will address the Mac issues many people are having in varying degrees. A memory leak is one of the issues that’s occurring for some.

Mojave OS X 10.4.6 and Cubase10.5.5 results in beach ball party here.
Cubase 10.5.5 more or less unusable.
Really looking forward to the next maintenance update.
January is going to be long.

It is so great APPLE takes a new OS level, Cubase gets bashed for it…

Except I’m on Mojave and not Catalina so it isn’t due to Apple having a new OS

I’m in 10.14.6 here. Using Waves, FabFilter, Slate, UAD, and Plugin Alliance mostly. No cracks. Cubase was running like a dream on my setup before upgrading to 10.5.5

ok here is a link regarding the problems many people on mac are experiencing.

direct from the steinberg site.

worth a look, if your dongle wont see cubase 10 or 10.5

mine does not work either. Spaceman

Ok sorry for my misunderstanding…

I second this.

hey , i have been using Cubase since CUBASE 1, ATARI , 30 years ago . And shock that how can a unready / unsteady things could happen in 10.5.5 ???
Come on Steinberg , are you ready to be LEFT OUT by your loyal users ?
Mac Mojave

For me, I had severe CPU issues with C11. Only running 12-15 tracks (5 VSTs, granted, some heavy ones). The issue, seemed to be related to having UAD Console open and also having a Waves API2500 plug-in in use. When i closed console, and removed the plugin, CPU dropped by 50%.

Note - multi processing and asio guard are both active

MBP 2015 i7 16gb ram