Cubase Batch Export Question

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I am a Cubase 7.0.6 64-bit user on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I have a question regarding the bouncing/exporting of tracks within Cubase. I produce electronic dance music and often times (especially when I am composing experimental pieces) my track count (Audio, MIDI, FX and Group Channel tracks) can run up to 300 in total. However, when I am done producing, I cannot batch export most of these tracks for the next stage which is mixing due to the fact that many of them are routed to various groups and/or contain insert effects that are controlled by other MIDI tracks (i.e., Stutter Edit, Artillery2, Reaktor 5, etc.). Until now, I have had to bounce the stems individually which usually takes me about 10 or so hours. Sometimes, the volume on my stereo out is automated a dB (often, I’ll have my verses at -0.75dB and the choruses at 0.00dB).

What is the best way for me to use the batch export function such that Cubase takes into account the various routings and additionally linked MIDI tracks?

Stem to groups,
batch the groups


Thanks for the reply. Your response was a bit vague. What about elements that are not grouped? Also, how does this take into account tracks that have insert effects triggered by additional/external MIDI tracks?

You route all affected tracks to a group. You export the groups, not the tracks.

For example, I do this with VSL instruments when I have a large number of automated articulations. I can have some really complex routings that are playing a really simplistic melody line because of the number of articulations and automations+FX on those particular articulations. So, I route downhill to a lot of group tracks that I keep in a “stems” folder. When I’m ready to export for mixing, I dump them through those groups.

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In theory this should also implement the changes caused by third-party VST’s modulating sounds through externally-triggered insert effects via MIDI (i.e., Stutter Edit), correct?

I know what you’re talking about. Picturing the routing in your head can be quite a challenge. Parallel processing especially is troublesome. Say elements of one stem are sent to a reverb aux, as well as elements of another stem. If you solo one stem, and print including the reverb, that’s fine, but in the original project, the reverb will react differently depending on how many different elements are sent to it. In other words, you have to give up on getting a 1:1 copy of how oit sounded pre-consolidation. Even worse are NYC-style compression auxes, that’s a trap sometimes. :slight_smile: