cubase blacklist

cubase has blacklisted my kontakt 5 plugin.
i checked the file vstblacklist.xml, and indeed - kontakt5.dll appears there with ‘true’.

i have tried to erase the file several times, but each time i lunch cubase after deleting the file - it creats it again!

how can i avoid from cubase to blacklist this dll?
im lost :cry: :cry: :cry:

please help!!

thnak you

I use both Kontakt 4 & 5 without ever having that happen.

Have you been able to solve this yet?

Hello and thanks for any help !
I am using Cubase Le 5 with windows 7 64 bit. loaded BBE sonic sweet, set file paths but Cubase keeps blacklisting it.
What seems strange to me is that it was working just fine with my previous setup Windows XP.
Any thoughts?

Older post now - wasn’t ignoring you - just didn’t see it.

That seems really odd that it would keep blacklisting it on one OS, and not on another.

Is this still happening?