Cubase blocks Mac Screen

I have Cubase 10.0.10 13.1.2021 und MacOS Bug Sur 11.2.3. I have an Intel Mac, no Apple Silicon.

Cubase worked for some time. I even installed the long awaited driver Yamaha driver 3.0.5.
I also select "Delete all preferences
Since today, when I start Cubase, it takes some time, then it lets me select the driver.

Then Cubase displays the Steinberg Hub screen which tells me that it tries to connect to a server.
This screen beachballs most of the time and most of the time it even is not possible to get this screen into the background.

Sometimes after roughly 10 minutes the Steinberg Hub screen displays a list of offerings but it still beachballs and blocks my screen.

Any solution?

Steinberg, it is 2021, even if an app tries to load something from a non-responsive server, it is a no-go to block the app, let alone the whole screen.

For some magical reasons, after a day, Cubase did no longer block my Mac. Problem gone.