Cubase Bridge has 4GB RAM limit, but Reaper doesn´t, why?

Why is it that the Cubase 6 Bridge can´t handle more than 4GB for 3rd party plugins?

But Reaper´s Bridge can and also the JBridge can break the 4GB RAM limit as well. What are the Steinberg guys missing here?

At a guess I would say the Cubase Bridge is 32bit code, and the others are 64bit, OR they have a mechanism of employing multiple copies of 32bit code thus giving 4GB per process. (Note if you are running 32bit plugins, those plugins cannot themselves use more then 4GB of RAM anyway).

If we are talking about the bridge used when Cubase is in 64bit mode, then it would have to be 32bit code to be able to load up the 32bit plugins before the data is communicated to the 64bit side over the network (as 64bit and 32bit code cannot talk directly, ‘tricks’ must be employed).

Hmm, a 32 bit plugin can only use up to 4GB this can’t be change by any of the bridges and a non 32bit plugin doesn’t need a bridge in a 64 bit host.

With jBridge it’s possible to bridge a 64bit plugin into a 32bit host but this is not needed with Cubase because Cubase is available as a 64bit application.

The steinberg guys are missing nothing.


Hmm… I think they are missing. I don´t know if you guys understood me perfectly or maybe I´m missing something then?

The point I was trying to make that when you run Cubase 6 (64-bit) you can use 32-bit plugins with the Bridge, but you get only 4GB for ALL the 32-bit plugins and this sucks!

Reaper and JBridge does this differently (much BETTER!) When you run 32-bit plugins in Reaper (64-bit) or with JBridge you can have 4GB separately for EVERY invidual 3rd party plugin and that´s virtually unlimited memory use for the 32-bit plugins. (Unless you use only one plugin when you mix :stuck_out_tongue: ).

What makes you say that the Bit Bridge can only use 4GB total of RAM total from all 32 bit plugins?
Did you read this somewhere? Are you using task manager to see the RAM limit somehow?
Are you assuming there is a limit because you are experiencing a problem?
Just trying to get to the root of the problem…

Steinberg says it right here:

All > 32-bit VST plug-ins running on the VST Bridge share the same 4 GB memory space!

Reaper and JBridge has a 4GB memory space separately for every individual plugin. So if you use 10 plugins, you can have 4GB RAM for each plugin = 40GB, so virtually unlimited.

This is what I´m after. Why Steinberg hasn´t managed to do it like JBridge or Reaper?

Steinberg says it right here:

All > 32-bit VST plug-ins running on the VST Bridge share the same 4 GB memory space!

Thanks for that. I had not seen this before.
My guess would be that the developers felt that bridging a plug-in should be done as an exception, not as a rule. If one were to find themselves bridging more than 4 GB of plug-ins then perhaps they should use the 32 bit version of Cubase? Again, I am speculating here.

32bit plugs cannot be fully reliable in a 64bit system whatever the make of plug or DAW.
As most VSTi makers who are not already 64 bit compatible will or should be out of the market soon the life of any bridges will be limited.
As I always say use 32 plugs in 32 and 64 in 64. If there’s not enough memory in a 32bit system then how & why are you using that plug? And how did the makers hope to have consistency with a plugin that needed more ram than was available at 32 bit?
Not Cubase missing something but the VSTi makers. Jbridge, like the Pony Express, will soon be overtaken by progress.

Just my 32 bits.

Because it is not per plugin.
The others simply offer an option to launch each plugin as a separate process. With Reaper, you can choose to launch each plugin as you desire when you instantiate each one (as a separate process, or not), as well as setting the default, preferred action type. jBridge offers this choice as well (but not upon each individual plugin launch, IIRC). I have not used the Cubase bridge, so no idea if they offer the ability to launch as separate process or not.

So isn´t it the same thing launching each plugin as a separate process and each plugin getting their own separate 4GB memory space?