Cubase can now only be closed by killing it in task manager

Until recently Cubase “only” crashed when attempting to close it, generating a crash dump. Since recently, Cubase simply does not respond any longer to close requests. I need to kill the process using the task manager and no crash dump is generated.

Windows 10 Home
Intel I7-4770K


Is it the same, if you:

  • Start Cubase.
  • Create an empty project.
  • Close the project and Quit Cubase.

My guess is, the issue is plug-in related - some plug-in is not released from a memory. So this should work. Then we can investigate more.

I think you are right. Empty projects, or even my default project, which already contains quite a few plugins, consistently close without crashing or hanging. Will try to figure out which plugin causes the problem. Thanks

Hi do you have a video in your sessions? If so i had this problem and the way i was able fix it to was deativate thumbnails
on the video track


I’ve now got this for the first time since I updated to 9.5x. It only happens sometimes which is weird as I’m mixing 3 albums and each album has the same plugins used per album, but sometimes a track will close and another track from the same album with the same plugs will hang.

Nothing bad happens when force quitting but it doesn’t look good in front of clients.


I can empathize…