Cubase can´t find my Waves license after update

Hi everyone!

I´ve updated my Cubase to version 7.0.4 yesterday and everything worked fine. But today, Cubase can´t find my Waves licenses! I tried several times but nothing… I checked the licenses in my Waves account and they´re all active, so is there any known issue about the newest Cubase update and the Waves plugins?

If it worked fine yesterday, then it isn’t because of Cubase 7.0.4.

I’m not sure how the licensing with Waves work, but maybe you should check their system ?

Besides that, maybe stupid, but you’re not starting Cubase 64-bit are you? Because most Waves plugins aren’t 64-bit yet…


yes I´m running Cubase 64bit. The Waves plugins v9 work fine on 64bit systems. I´ve never had such an issue until the installation of Cubase 7.0.4, so its really strange… I´ve contacted Waves support as well and waiting for an answer.

I believe all the Waves plugs are 64 bit since v9