Cubase can’t find Superior Drummer 3 after reinstalling on new Mac.

I have used my MacBook Pro in the studio för years and it’s been working well, but now I have replaced it with another Mac (with the same MacOS, High Sierra) and I have done clean install instead of restoring from a Time Machine copy. Everything works fine but Cubase can’t find Superior Drummer 3 as a plugin. SD3 works fine stand alone, but Cubase Pro 10 Mac can’t find it and now can’t work on a mix which needs to be completed before Christmas.

Everything is installed using default paths and the file “Superior Drummer 3.vst” is in the “VST” folder which is in the “Plugin” folder where all plugins are installed automatically.

Everything is updated to the latest version as of today.

Please advice.


Studio/VST Plugin Manager, goto the bottom and click the settings wheel to open it up, click to rescan all.

Superior Drummer 3 is VST 2.4 BTW

Make sure your PATHS are correct as well for the library scan

Im on 9.5.41 here on current High Sierra so it may be a C10 issue