Cubase cannot load its own backup

Version: 11.0.10
Platform Windows 10


  • Cubase crashed (reason unknown, possibly irrelevant)
  • I restarted
  • I loaded my project file (foo-02)
  • Cubase prompted “A newer backup exists, do you want to load this?”
  • I said “yes”
  • Cubase replied “renaming it as foo-01”
  • Cubase continued with an error dialog “This project was created with Cubase 1.x and cannot be loaded”

This means that specific bak file wasn’t a complete save. Did you try to open the next most recent?

No. Will give it a go later. But I didn’t lose a lot of work. I guess if it crashes during the creation of a backup there’s not a lot can be done.

yeah, that’s right… :grimacing: