Cubase can't detect my microphone

First time user of cubase elements 11, trying to find out how to record audio. I have a Röde microphone connected by USB to my computer, but cubase can not detect my device… In studio setup the speakers are detected under ASIO output, but ASIO input just says not connected. Anyone who has an idea how to fix the problem?

hi linliljefors

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Cubase can only use one ASIO driver at a time - you don’t give many details about what equipment you use (that is always a good idea :+1:) - but I’m GUESSING that’s the nature of the issue.

You should take a look at ASIO4ALL (google it) - and this ‘should’ let you use the mic and the speakers at the same time.

As a general rule - USB mics (if that is what you have?) - are not usually the best solution for Cubase but give ASIO4ALL a try and see if that helps

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