Cubase can't find Halion one plugin + 10 other problems

Hi, welcome again, Cubase “trouble” Studio 5.

Since 2009, it’s been an endless troubleshooting experience. I’ve been on a break for several months because of last times frustrations, that were NOT explained in the operation manual, let alone the quick start guide. The old forums helped a lot, but it was way more tedious having to wait for others answers, rather than having a solid troubleshooting guide, or simply a software that’s user friendly *.

Now, back again at the forums again, due to utter amount of issues that this software brings.

I installed Halion one yesterday, granted. The Halion One folder btw has like 8 or 9 installation files, so I installed most based on their file names, including hailone one 64-bit since I have cubase studio 64 bit. That’s another thing btw, there Halion One ‘setup’ with a green/white icon. Then you have Halion one 64 bit with a generic icon, which doesn’t say ‘setup’ in its name, this somehow implies that Halion One with the green/white icon is the ‘main’ installation, regardless of 32 oor 64 bit. O well. That’s a lesser confusion compared to the rest.

Now when opening cubase, selecting dance track, it ‘cannot’ find Halion One plugin. I mean. I thought installing a software would to the trick. But, gosh, how could one be that naive, given the previous experience with an impeding amount of inconsistencies and unpredictable behaviors.

Anyway, cubase won’t find the Halion one plugin, and I don’t know what to do other than installing it. I’ve since read about predictably, other ones who had the same problem, and one answer saying that the Cubase update erases the Halion One files. Well, if that happens, and users have to go online to ask other users what to do about it, if that isn’t telling then. But also, what other common software’s updates overwrites critical files like that, if that’s the case? Well, hope it’s not the case though.

Also, I got reminded of an issue that also happened in the last round. Once pressing record actually records, as soon as you press stop, the whole recorded segment disappears as if nothing was recorded! The undo function is greyed out at it, so it’s like nothing was ever recording, even though it was as you could see it. Another Very intuitive way of cubase. I’m sure it’d be possible to make things even less intuitive, and someone could find a justification for it.


  • Last time around, every other time there’d be no audio. Surely, there must have been a reason. But there were no answers under help, operation manual, frigging anywhere. Yet you’d think missing audio would be like in bold text under a DAW vendor’s trouble shooting section for the software. I remember trying to close other applications that might have competed for the audio, to no avail. Sometimes the meters would move, but you couldn’t hear anything. Of course, all that was after setting up busses as per their own instructions, and not fiddling around. So you’d sit in the frigging dark after having paid $300 in anticipation.
    Another time the click track can’t be heard. Other times, hitting the record button would activate the record button, only. But no recording took place. That you had to not set ‘sync Int’ to offline is of course not a given unless you’re deep into DAW technology or have experience.
    And it isn’t explained anywhere. The other day, Groove Agent one couldn’t find its samples. You’d think installing the software would install all the essential components and features automatically. But this isn’t Adobe. This is more freeware style made by a solo developer who hadn’t had the time to think of everything. Or narrow niche software, where it’s assumed users will have enough preexisting recording software knowledge. That’s obviously not the case. Never mind the a main window floating around within a main-main window, and being able to slide completely beyond the edges the main-main window, and the inspector and other widgets dissapear from view after unfocusing the ‘main main’ window making you wary of unfocusing or minimizing which makes no sense for 2009 software . But that’s nothing compared to the sheer inconsistencies and obstacles above. They make No sense. Nowhere do they explain about these problems, yet google searches turn up plenty of others with the same issues. No audio, no recording, silent click track, no samples to be found, other audio inconsistencies. YET YOU DO AS THEY SAY IN THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. User friendliness MATTERS. I’ve heard good things of Abelton Live both online and in person, we’ll see. Searching google always yields a bunch of others with the same problems, who sometimes waited for days for a reply, which may or not have been the right one. When the momentum to create is there, it seems most, if not all, other modern music tool vendors understand the importance of ease of use. Such as, by hitting record, it starts recording, and you can hear the sound, every time. I was watching a demo of the Korg M3, which is a workstation with a sequencer. It requires the press of one button to start recording, with no extra fiddling or double checking, say, to ensure that ‘synch int’ is not offline. Default settings should always enable recording. But screw it, if a major DAW vendor doesn’t seem to grasp, then what’s the point. All this delays going into all the features that cubase has, and renders them meaningless if there’s no audio, no click track click, no recording, all which should work consistently, let alone be enabled by Default. Why they make it so that say the recording function is that volatile is beyond me. These issues are equivalents to say, a word processing software, that sometimes wouldn’t accept key input depending on some weird setting like “int mode synced” was on or off. It’d made no sense. Presumably, most DAW users want to be able to record with the DAW easily at will. Thus, making sure that the recording function isn’t disabled or altered easily would’ve made sense you’d think.

You’d be better off editing your post to explain your specific problem. No one wants to read through a whine trying to find it.

Well that would’ve been easier if there was just one issue.

And it’s not a ‘whine’. It’s descriptions and valid complaints of problems.

Also, I’ve changed the title, which turned out misleading, although I didn’t intend to write about all that, but more problems turned up in the process, and inevitably reminded of the problems of last time as well. Thinking, with a new computer, and a break from troubleshooting, it’s going to be easy. Lol.

Btw, I didn’t expect help after all that, don’t worry. I had to vent it, since I’m not going to hurt my computer for this bs. It runs all other software in predictable ways.

But, now imagine a scenario, wherein you open up a DAW, select a vst and click on record, and you can record, and even Hear the sound, without a surprise, let alone many surprises. Are we there yet, lol. I bet we are, just not when it gets to cubase. “sync int offline”, lol. Just let me record, and worry about ‘sync int offline’ later. You shouldn’t have to read thru the operation manual just to be able to consistently record at a basic level, and the Cubase 5 quick start guide implies no less. And I’ve used free software with more comprehensive trouble shooting guides.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b26a26caaf076322&biw=1525&bih=717't+record&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b26a26caaf076322&biw=1525&bih=717't+hear+click+track&aq=f&aqi=p-p1&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b26a26caaf076322&biw=1408&bih=698