Cubase can't find Kontakt

I have a 3rd party library - Signature Grand - that must run in Kontakt full. I need Kontakt to be grabbed by Cubase 10.5.3 Elements MIDI but it doesn’t present as an option in Cubase’s edit VST instrument in the MIDI track.

How to make Cubase see and load Kontakt and then the Signature Grand in the Cubase MIDI track?

Are you using 64-bit Windows, 64-bit Cubase, and 64-bit Kontakt?
Have you restarted since you installed Kontakt?
Does your Cubase load other VSTs?
I’ve never used Elements, so I don’t know if it has other limitations regarding VSTs, but those are the first things I’d check.
Also, open the VST manager list and check which folders it loaded VSTs from, and then check where Kontakt is installed, and make sure that folder is included in the list.