Cubase can't load up big sessions back-to-back without crash

This has happened to me since I started with 8.5 and from I’ve read here has definitely been happening long before that for others. When I load up very large RAM-intensive sessions back-to-back (which I need to do for my score work – different scenes, etc.), Cubase will usually crash. By way of comparison this never happened to me when I was on Pro Tools or when I tried Reaper for a bit.

Is there a reason this happens, and is there any way I can stop it from happening? Is RAM not getting dumped or something? My studio mate is on Windows and told me today that it’s been happening for years with Cubase and Nuendo for him. It’s a big workflow killer for me and doesn’t look good to have to quit and re-start often over and over again for subsequent large sessions when I have clients here. I hope there’s a way to avoid it…?

It’s been happening to me for many years, just I’m so used to Cubase and its production tools, that switching to another DAW seemed harder than just trying to fix the problem somehow. I’m running a pretty powerful PC machine (with Cubase 8.5, UAD Apollo Quad) which I designed especially to avoid this problems just 2 months ago. Before this I used to have them very often, no with 64 GB of ram and 6 core 3.4 processor I have the same issues with processor and RAM on 10%… Yes this is a real killer of workflow. I hope they solve it sometimes soon.

It’s really terrible. I’m not sitting here and complaining for no reason…it’s really a major problem for me (and I’m sure for many others who need to switch often between large sessions). It’s something I’ve never experienced before and simply don’t expect from a modern DAW…it’s a little shocking that it’s happening in a pro piece of software like Cubase, because it’s very significant.


Stoyanov-music, if you would be so kind as to back me up on the Issue thread I started (link below), that would be great. And anyone else (which should be everyone who has huge sessions and runs into this problem)!