Cubase can't open projects

Hi guys, I hope you’re well! :slight_smile:
So, here is a quick summary of the Cubase versions I had.

First, Cubase 5. I was new so my friend gave just that old version (some features on Cubase 5 back then weren’t available on this version), not great but was fine. I started learning and things went fine and got interested in Cubase.

Second, Cubase 8 Elements. Another friend gave me that when unfortunately Cubase 5 was breaking down like not reading plug-ins anymore, etc, I tried everything but it was over. Turned out it was a 30-day trial! Opened my Cubase 5 projects, everything was there; plugins, mixer settings, and everything even tracks colors.

Third, finally officially bought the Cubase 11 pro; it will be delivered to home but… I am outside the country for a holiday so I decided to get Cubase 11 elements trial. Got it and after 1 hour of trying to find the serial number, finally got it! BUT… It won’t open any of my projects that I spent HOURS on. Thought about exporting all the tracks but Cubase 8 trial has finished and Cubase 5 will export without the effects of the plugins as it DOESN’T READ anymore.

Please HELP! :frowning:



Does Cubase show any message? Did you work on 32bit or 64bit Cubase version back then?

No, it doesn’t. It just won’t open as if I am trying to open an Ableton live project when I don’t have Ableton live :frowning:

Honestly, I don’t know if it was a 32-bit or 64-bit but my laptop is 64-bit.

If you now have a full Cubase Elements 11 license you should be able to open Cubase 8, the fact that the trial has expired is irrelevant as your 11 license should allow you to use earlier versions.

Thanks, someone has helped me.
Although if I can’t open them by pressing on the project itself, turned out I can by opening Cubase then go to open then selecting the project.