Cubase Causes MS Outlook 2010 To Crash

So far no Cubase 8 crashes (knock on wood) but I find it interesting that I cannot use MS Outlook 2010 while Cubase is open. It will receive email, I can compose new emails but it will crash when I try to send that email or when I am trying to move a received email to a different folder. Never happened before and it only happens when Cubase 8 is open. It never happened with other versions of Cubase open.

If you notice a similar issue please list it here and I will submit an issue report. If no others have this issue then this topic “crashes” here. Blah.

Weird wild stuff :frowning:

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I have the same problem. I also had this problem in Cubase 7.5

I’m using Outlook 2013

Thanks for the response.

I guess we are the only two users that have an issue with running Outlook when Cubase is open. I do not have this concern when running CB LE4, 7, or 7.5 only with the CB 8 series and it is ongoing as of this posting date. Like I originally posted, if a few more reply to this thread with the same concern then I will post a topic with the required specifics in the “issues” section.

I have a fairly easy (albeit a PITA) workaround for this. I simply close CB when trying to use MS Outlook.

Again, “weird wild stuff”… :question:

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I have the same issues with Outlook 2013. Cubase 7.5 definitely, pretty sure with Cubase 7 too.

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Could you try to move the ‘hubservice.dll’ from C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\Components to the desktop before launching Cubase? The only think I could possibly think to indirectly interact with Outlook off the top of my head. Especially if it affects versions 7 through 8 for others, like sinbarf reports.

Sounds like cubase is doing you a favo(u)r:p

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I never noticed this with the 7 series, only 8 for me. Regardless, I’ll try your suggestion when I get back to my studio and report back. Thanks

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Well, interesting…
Before moving the file as Fabio suggested I confirmed I was still having the issue I described in my first post. With CB8 and Outlook 2010 open Outlook crashed when I composed a new email and tried to send it. Then, I rebooted the PC and moved the file as Fabio suggested. Now with CB8 and Outlook 2010 open Outlook is working good again. Great but, then I put the moved file back and rebooted everything and Outlook is still working good even with left half of the Steinberg Hub portion reactivated. So I don’ know what the heck happened here but… THANKS FABIO! :slight_smile:

If the issue returns I’ll report back but, I suppose the others should try what Fabio suggested to see if it helps them too.

Maybe Fabio can confirm that moving the “hubservice.dll” file to the desktop is the same as deactivating the Steinberg Hub in preferences (it “looks” like it is). If it is then people won’t have to mess with moving the file in windows explorer. They can just deactivate the hub in preferences.

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Hi Prock,

interesting indeed. Yes, moving the Hub component is the same as deactivating it in the Preferences - I suggested moving to be sure it was not even scan / initialized, a more ‘radical’ approach, but should actually have the same outcome.
I was suspecting a Java interaction, but the fact that it works fine after re-enabling the Hub surprised me, frankly speaking. Thanks for checking!