Cubase CC's and Aria Player/GPO 5

I’ve set up a Cubase track to use Garritan GPO 5 via a slot in the Aria Player. It plays back fine and I can change CC #1 Mod Wheel in the Aria Player and hear the effect. However, when I try to change the CC #1 settings from a Cubase CC1 controller lane, the Aria Player doesn’t seem to respond.

The only CC that Aria seems to respond to is CC 7 (volume). So, I can change certain CC’s in Aria but not from Cubase controller lanes.

Is there a Cubase setting that controls which CC’s are transmitted, or any idea?


Double check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please. In the upper part, you can filter out the group of messages. Right bottom, there is the Controller section. Here you can filter out dedicated controllers. Make sure CC1 is not listed here.

Thanks for the reply Martin. I went to that Preferences and CC1 is not listed there as being filtered out.

There are also some other CC’s that GPO uses (CC21 and CC23) that I can change in the Aria Player, but they don’t seem to have any effect when I create Cubase controller lanes for them and set to high values.


How do you “change it in Aria Player”? Sorry, I don’t know this player. Are you sure, the parameter you change, is assigned to MIDI CC21 or 23?

Aria Player/GPO 5 has some virtual knobs for certain CC’s that GPO uses. I think maybe the problem is that I need to reset those to 0 before setting up the Midi CC’s in Cubase so will try that.

The value should be overwritten one your send a new value from Cubase.