Cubase changed the name of my VST instrument and won't load it

Hello everyone !

I have a quite mysterious bug out there : I reopened a project created in Cubase 12 with several intrument tracks with EastWest Opus loaded on them. For some mysterious reason, Cubase displays the “plugin missing” window for every Opus track, except 2, that continue to work perfectly fine.

Even more strange, once the project is open, when I go into the VST Instruments Rack, for the concerned track, Cubase does not display that EW Opus is missing but rather an instrument called “Voices of Soul” which does not correspond to anything.

Finally, when I saved this project and then reopened it, the “plugin missing” window didn’t mention EW Opus anymore, but directly that this fake instrument “Voices of Soul” was missing.

I tried thoses manipulations both in Cubase 12 and 13 and the results are the same.

Has someone an idea on the origin of this problem and a way to get back thoses instrument working without losing all the track configuration ?

Thank you very much in advance, every idea would be really welcome !

Did you delete or move any instruments
Did you delete Play 6.
Does the bank appear in the Opus reader in Standalone
I had this problem with Symphonic Orchestra
It also happens that newly downloaded files change their name

I never installed Play 6, since I got EW when Opus was already released.

No instrument was ever moved, and the strange thing is that this problem appears only on 1 project and only on certain tracks of this project. All the rest is working perfectly.

Opus Hollywood orchestra bank appears in Opus Standalone.

Any idea why Cubase forgot and then renamed the plugin so that it does not find it anymore ? Thank you very much for your answer.

Ok I figured it out, thanks to EastWest support : I had used both VST2 and VST3 versions of the plugin into the same project, and the VST2 were not on my computer anymore when I reopened my project.

I just reinstalled Opus and all the versions of the plugins (VST2 and VST3), and everything was back to normal !