Cubase changing visibility settings

Hi all,

The last 2 days I have experienced random Cubase 12 behaviour.

I have tracks loaded and for some reason Cubase switches off the visibility of the a subset of tracks. When I load the Cubase file the tracks are visible but after a few minutes of working I have to go into visibility and click the ticks to see the tracks again and then Cubase after a while again hides the same tracks…

Very frustrating as I havent made any conscious changes to allow this.

Any suggestions to resolve this Cubase behaviour would be appreciated.


I could think of accidental stored key commands, maybe.

In addition, inadvertent midi remote control input could also cause a wide variety of undesired changes.

If you could expand on “inadvertent”. Im assuming you mean more than just "hit the wrong button on a remote controller?

Inadvertent can be a hardware remote sending a midi message, simply by touching a control. Or because of a flakey control (I have a midi floor pedal that likes to send spurious CC messages in one of its modes). One of the touch strips of a midi hardware device is so badly located, I keep touching it inadvertently. And for extra fun, when I disable it, it re-enables itself after every reboot.