Cubase Channel vs. Inserts

Just trying to confirm and/or better understand order of operations… I think Inserts (3rd party plugins) are first in the signal chain… With the Cubase Channel Settings coming afterwards. So, for example, if I use Fabfilter Pro Q3 and apply changes, the Cubase EQ would come later (so adding say… a high pass filter… in Pro Q3 would mean adding one in the Cubase Channel EQ would be daft and/or redundant). Is this correct?
If so, is this order reversible ?
Note: the above is just a dumb example, not a tangent for an EQ discussion.
And, is there a way to co-mingle them - such as using the Cubase Channel Settings EQ to get started (high/low pass) and then using an SSL Channel strip to apply HMF or LMF changes after it?
Or, is it better to avoid Cubase Channel settings if using 3rd party inserts (such as an SSL Channel Strip) that would be followed by Cubase stock/built-in devices (assuming that 3rd party Inserts do indeed come first in the signal before Cubase options)?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any advice

Just in case a little further explanation is needed… I’m importing stems from Ableton Live to start over in Cubase. I use SSL UC1, UF1, and UF8 controllers. So I’m trying to get up to speed and want to clarify the signal chain. In Live, stock plugins are added just like 3rd party plugins… whereas in Cubase the Channel Settings are integrated

Inserts can be pre- or post- channel strip. You can drag channel strip items to change their order, but you can’t inter-mingle them with other plugins.

Perfect! Thank you!

I didn’t think you could co-mingle, but asked just in case.

I tried watching Cubase videos, but after so many I realized that Dom and the Aussie bloke don’t even seem to have 3rd party VSTs as options… I’m guessing Steinberg strictly want all the content they provide to demonstrate their software. I’m ditching Live, but not my plugins.

If they did mention moving Channel Settings to Pre or Post, I missed that 3 seconds of the numerous 8-30 minute videos and I just wanted to understand this one aspect. Much quicker to ask here… Even though I probably should have found that option.

Thanks again. Your quick response and screenshots were exactly what I needed. Much appreciated :pray:t3:

Here’s a good graph showing the complete signal flow.

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Nice! Thank you!