Cubase cheating?

Let’s find a solution together, do not change the same cubase to another daw.
So the question is, inside the cubase we hear one sound and outside the cubase (for example, through different audio players) it is a different sound.
Inside the cubase sound is clear, excellent high frequencies. But if this track is listened to outside the program on the audio player, the sound is not so clear. High frequencies are muffled. While the file resolution 48 khz 24 bit.

I believe that inside the program the sound should be the same as outside.
Sound cards, headphones and monitors have nothing to do with it. It seems to me that the problem is inside the engine, the cubase seem to embellish the sound. But this is not fair and not correct. Interesting in other daw like the same or friend.
What do you think and how to solve it.

It’s the opposite. The players try to embellish the sound, not Cubase.

What audio player are you using? what O.S?

Just sharing my experience…
In my home studio, when I do my final mixing I usually listen to a project on a least (4) devices. Earphones, good monitors, cheap PC speakers, automobile stereo systems. At first they all sound different. But, after many adjustments (very small at the end), all sources sound pretty much the same. That’s when I am satisfied and release it.

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I clearly hear that difference! And this is exactly Cubase.
I tried a dozen different players. Without difference, in the cube the sound is better and cleaner.

You do not hear the difference? Inside and outside the cubase.

While listening in Cubase I usually use my earphones. When I like that sound I will listen through my good monitors. They will always sound different. I make adjustments to get those two to sound pretty much the same. Then I mixdown the project and listen to that through the same earphones and good monitors. At this point it will sound different from CB. After more adjustments I will mixdown again and listen through the cheap PC speakers, make more adjustments, then mixdown again finally listening through my car stereo and make my very minor final adjustments. After that the mixdown sounds pretty much the same from all sources. Including listening directly from CB through the headphones.

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I understand that you are seeking a good sound that suits you.
Try to take any someone else’s audio track, listen to it in the cubase and then listen outside the cubase carefully, do you hear the difference? The cubase sounds quieter better.

This is going to sound weird, but seeing the visuals of the project playing may have an effect on how you perceive the sound.

Read about the McGurk effect.

Something’s wrong with your setup. Tell us about what audio interface are you using, what O.S, what sample rate, and what version of Cubase (it is important to know if you are using Cubase’s Control Room or not).

Hi !
Last years i did notice that when i would listen to the bounce mix it did not sound the same as when i was listiening to the sessions .So i started to do some testing . My set up was ok no problem even confirmed with sombody on this forum who helped me troubleshoot this. Maybe a plug - in was causing this ? after doing major testing all kind of different bounces my finding where when Control room is on it sounds different then when control room is off and when i tried to null them then would not null at 100% and the other problem was with the apogee uv22 dithering plugin on it with sound different , the bounced mix from the session ? All this was done on Cubase pro 9. Anyway so i just do post production audio mixing for tv so i just leave control room off and don’t Apogee uv 22 plug in so my bounced mixes sound the same as the session.

Question Solved. Installed for audio player ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver. Now there is no difference when playing.

Nice, I can drop my planned listening tests then :ugeek:

I wonder what is causing non-ASIO playback to be altered, it shouldn’t be happening.

By default, your audio players use your audio card drivers or drivers that are in windows or mac.
For example, I use foobar2000, but there is no ASIO in it by default, I had to add a separate file for this.

Right, but normal playback on Windows, without ASIO, isn’t supposed to sound any different…

I have a very significant difference. If you listen to a commercial track in Cubase and then listen to this track in the audio player with the default driver, can you hear the difference?
By the way, here is a useful plugin on the topic.


Im unsure about the exact topic here but I do a lot of cover songs and import Wave files of commercial songs in Cubase Pro 10 and I can tell there quite a big difference when listening to that and through Windiws Media Player in Windows 10. It sounds much clearer in Cubase, but not better at all. It’s like Cubase reveals the mix while Windows Media Player just makes it niceer.

Just my experience the last years! I do use the “Control Room” in Cubase. Also different speakers when listenkng through Cubase (Yamaha HS7) and through Windiws Media Player (pc speakers).

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Oh finally, someone else hears the difference, thanks Robin for writing this down.

It happens when people don’t disable the ‘enhancers’ from Windows internal audio and/or Windows Media Player.

I see, I did notice a feature like that in Windows 10…

Wouldn’t the difference in sound be from using different speakers?