Cubase Chrashing

Hi every one,

First aff all, i have been searching the internet for answer on this topic, and tried a lot of diffrent options, but nothing seems to help. And now i am turning to the all mighty Steinberg Forum! :smiley:
I’ve had problems with my Cubase ever since I updated from 8 to 10. Then I updated from 10 to 10.5 when I thought it could fix the problem. But it couldn’t.
I have two problems.
The first is that I simply cannot load a project into the Cubase.
The second is that when I finally got a project loaded and worked on it, for some time. Then it freezes … Often if I open plugins, or have to fix expressionmaps. But sometimes it just freezes out off the blue. Often there is no other way around than turning off the computer on the switch. Can’t even use ctrl + alt + del.
The last thing i tried was to change the buffersize while mixing. it maybe helped for some time, but now im back to the start.
I use the following plugins: East West sounds, Slate All Access, a bit waves plugins and Complete 10.
My computer specs is following:
Win 10.
Steingberg UR44 Interface
Intel i5 7500 CPU
32 GB ram
1Tb SSD for Cubase, projekts and Plugins
250 gb SSD For windows + necessary programs
1 TB HDD for samples, wavs, mp3 etc.

I just recently made a fresh installation of windows + programs, and it hasn’t helped either.
i am soooo tired of this… Can any one please help me! im beginning to think about other DAWS! :open_mouth:
Could it be my CPU? Could it be because i just use the onboard GFX? Can it be 3rd. party plugins causing problems? (If any one is using the same plugins as me, do you have similar problems? Please let me know)

Look forward to your response, because this is making me insane!

Best regards and happy mixing

  • Surfaahh!

BONUS INFO: Once, it was possible for me to open the joblist. and I could see that the CPU was running at 60 - 80% and harddrives at 0%.