Cubase Cleanup should be used when C7 is too slow?


sorry for my silly question but I do not understand whether the Cleanup function should be used for a kind of reset of Cubase when it is too slow or for a different aim.

I remember I clicked on it in the past but after the cleaning process, Cubase was not able to open Kontakt5 and sound libraries.

I use to clean the system by CCleaner every time I finish to work on my DAW, but I noticed that Cubase is slower than one month ago. So I was wondering whether the Cleanup tool concerns a kind of clean of Cubase in that way.


Aloha d,

Found this starting on page 61 of the manual.
Perhaps it will help.


The Cleanup function on the File menu helps you to save hard disk space by locating and – if you like – deleting unused audio files in the project folders on your disk.

  1. Select“Cleanup…”fromtheFilemenu.
    If there are any open projects, an alert shows. Clicking “Close” closes all open projects and brings up the dialog “Cleanup Cubase Project Folders”.

  2. TorestricttheCleanupfunctiontoacertainfolder,clickthe“SearchFolder” button and select the folder.
    The default setting is that the Cleanup function is applied to all folders on all hard disks. Only select a specific folder if you are certain it does not contain audio files used in other projects (outside the folder), see below. You can reset the function to search all folders by opening the “Search Folder” dialog again and clicking “Cancel”.

  3. ClicktheStartbutton.
    Cubase will now scan the selected folder (or all hard disks) for Cubase project
    folders and check for audio and image files (in the Audio, Edits and Images subfolders) that are not used by any project. The found files are listed in the dialog.

  4. Whenthescaniscomplete,youcanselectfilesbyclickinginthelist.
    Use [Ctrl]/[Command]-click to select several files, and [Shift]-click to select a range of files. You can also click the Select All button to select all files in the list.

    Working with projects

In the following situations, the Cleanup function will list files that are not unused:

  • If you have moved or renamed files or folders (without updating the project files to use the new paths), there is no way for Cubase to know that these files are used in a project.
  • If you perform the Cleanup function on a folder in which there are audio files belonging to other projects (outside the folder), these files will be considered “unused”.
    • Also, make sure that you do not delete any files used in other applications, or files that you generally want to keep!
    However, you can always safely delete image files since these can be reconstructed by the program, if necessary.
  1. Delete any files you do not want to keep by selecting them and clicking Delete.

  2. Close the dialog by clicking the Close button._

Good Luck!

Hi, thanks million for your suggest :wink: . I found that information in the manual indeed before create this thread (I would not appear a lazy Cubase user :blush: :smiley: but since I never use audio files (I work just in MIDI) and all my projects contain just the project files saved I thought it was not Clean up the tool I was in need for having a faster Cubase.

Since when I tried in the past I was scared because when I reopened my project Cubase was unable to load my sound libraries and it was unable to find Kontakt as well, it was not clear to me when and why use Clean up.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ! My Drives say THANK YOU !
always something new to learn in the Land of Cubase !