Cubase Closes Unexpectedly

I’ve been using Elements 9.5 with Macbook Pro and have most current software updates. When I close a track Cubase shuts down and I get the message “Cubase closed unexpectedly”. It also happens with my Grand 3 software. This week I purchased a new computer. I thought I’d start fresh with new software, so I purchased Cubase Artist 9.5. Installed the software and the same thing happened. Cubase is the only program on the new computer. So I’ve ruled out that the problem is the computer. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.


Do you mean to close a project?

Make sure the very latest Cubase 9.5.30 is installed. Make sure all of your plug-ins are up to date. Is there a *.crash file created? If yes, could you share the crash file (via Dropbox or similar), please?