Cubase colouring tracks

Hi everyone
Im using cubase 7 and I noticed when i open a new project add track (instruments, audio, midi, etc……) the tracks colour changes automatically, but on some of my older projects that doesn’t happen, every time i add a track it stays the same colour
Is there a way to set up cubase so that it automatically changes the colour track every time i add a new track??
And also when i select the track colour in order to change it i only get the option of choosing between 14 different colours

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has already been addressed, i did search but couldnt find any info…

It should follow the selection in Preferences, Tracks (under Event Display), Auto Track Color Mode.

If it is not following there, what version and build of Cubase 7 do you have installed? What is different about the projects where it happens vs. where it doesn’t?

Thanks a lot chirs
Use Randomm track colour in preferences>track does the job
Im using Cubase 7.6

I seem to have the opposite problem. When I work in existing projects (created in ver 6) and add a new track the track color is different. But when I create a new project in ver 7 and add couple of tracks they all stay gray. If I change the color manually then the next track I create has auto selected/different color.

I did some more testing and looks like if preferences is set to “use previous track color + 1” and the track color is grey (default color) then when I create a new track while previous track is selected the color stays grey.

I tried this in version 6.5 and new color gets created with same setting when previous track is grey.

Not what you’re looking for I know, but . .

You can control/mouse-wheel over the left most part of the track header and choose a color (from among the defined colors) for the track very quickly.