Cubase-Compatibility with Apple Macbook and Ur22

I want to know if Cubase Pro 8 is compatible with Apple Macbook El Capitan ( Retina ).

I want to know if Ur22 is compatible with Apple Macbook El Capitan ( Retina ).

I need to change my computer. If not, I would like to know what is the best computer for Cubase Pro 8 and Ur22, or if It existing drivers to update those to go with Apple.

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Yes, Cubase Pro 8 is supported for OS X 10.11. The latest driver for the UR22 is also supported, you can download it here:

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I have the Cubase Pro 8, 32 bits. SO… is it the same answer ???
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Yes, the 32 bit version will run on OS X 10.11.

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