Cubase compatibility?

Hi, I’m sure this has been asked before, but I have a music client who would like to be able to open Nuendo projects at home. He doesn’t need the post features in Nuendo. Is it possible for him to buy Cubase and open the projects? If so, is it possible to then move them back to Nuendo? This would be with Nuendo 11 on my end and whatever the current version of Cubase is. Both on Mac.


Yes, Cubase Pro can open Nuendo projects and Nuendo can open any Cubase project.
If Nuendo project doesn’t use any Nuendo specific features, there should be no loss when opening in Cubase. If the .npr file uses some Nuendo specific features (e. g. direct routing), Cubase should still open the project, but the specific features will be missing.

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Thank you! I appreciate it.