Cubase Competitive Crossgrade eligibility not working


I’m a student and I’m looking to purchase cubase and I want to use the crossgrade discount.
I’m pursuing a career in music, so I don’t want to purchase the edu version because I won’t be able to use it commercially.
I have submitted proof of the fact that I own an official copy of another DAW about a week ago, but I have never received an email confirming my request.

Because of this I sent an email to, and apparently my request has been approved. However, when I try to purchase the crossgrade I still get redirected to the eligibility verification page and not the payment page. Both my Steinberg ID and my Steinberg Online Shop account share the same email address.
The person I emailed told me the didn’t know what was going on and that I could buy the edu version.

I don’t want to buy the edu version, I want to buy the full version and it’s not letting me.

Can someone from Steinberg please help with this issue.

It has been solved

I’m having the same issue! I was approved for a crossgrade discount by email. When I go to buy, it takes me to the submit proof of crossgrade page. ??? how do i buy cubase?