cubase completely freezes at certain part in the project

all of a sudden cubase started to completely freeze at the intro part of the project, audio stops, meters freee, no response whatsoever, every single time i’m on this project. no new plugins or programs installed, I restarted computer few times, keeps happening. what can be done ?

Most likely one Track has something messed up on it (plug-ins?) that triggers the problem. Try creating a new totally empty project and then one-by-one import Tracks from the broken Project into the new one. If at some point an imported Track breaks the new Project you’ve found your villain. If that never happens then it was something else in the old Project, but you now have a functioning version of the Project.

Ok I’ll try importing tracks one by one.
even thou I havemt changed anything in the project since last time working on it before it was freezing. strange.
if anyone can help me out how to to do that please help me out since I never done it before.

Just use:
File>Import>Tracks from Project…

ok managed to import audio, marker, midi, and instrument tracks, and tempo track.
Master track I “moved” by saving the channel preset and opening in the new project.

but I cant figure out how to move group channels, FX tracks and all the routing to these tracks.

In the “Import Tracks from Project…” dialog you should be able select Group and FX Channels. But you will need to recreate your routing.

I’m using cubase 10 not 10.5, looks like 10 doesn’t have advanced track import options like 10.5

I just checked 10.0 and you’re right no groups. Outside of building from scratch the only thing I can think of is creating a Track Preset that has all your Group Tracks in it. I’ve never made a preset for a Group & don’t know if there are any gotchas. Good luck.

So apparently it happens intermittently.
I thought I got it sorted out until the new project started freezing at exact same spot.
Now I’m importing just one track at a time (project has around 200 tracks ) and playing and restarting cubase because I noticed in the original project when it starts to work without freezing until I restart the computer and then it glitches again.
When it freezes, It freezes only at a certain point: at marker #3, ( where the first verse of the song starts and the intro ends )

If you’ve got a large number of Tracks and are trying to narrow it down the quicker way is by testing in groups.

Finding one bad Track - load the first 100 Tracks. If that works you can ignore them, if it fails ignore the other 100. Take the remaining failures and split them 50/50 repeat, 25/25 repeat, etc. Should take about 8 steps.

so narrowed this issue down to a track with Spectrasonics Omnisphere instrument, waves center stereo as insert effect ( and just stock cubase high-pass filter and eq cut ) on this track.
the freezing happens right where the first note of the track starts.

I confirmed this by shifting the event with midi notes earlier,
and when the project was freezing it was at that point where the first note of the track is.

and it still happens intermittently tho, 99% happens after restarting the pc and starting this project, and like 50% after opening the project when not restarting the PC

Can you determine if it is the Waves or Omnisphere alone?

Try rebuilding that Track from scratch in a new version of the Project that doesn’t have that Track.

after saved the project under new name without Waves S1 imager on the track.
now both, the original project with waves s1 imager, and the new one without waves s1 imager, both play ok without freezing…