Cubase consistently crashing while using pencil to draw in controller lanes

Does anyone else use the controller lanes (especially for CC7 (volume) to draw in volume for midi notes?
Cubase has been crashing while using the pencil to draw in controller lanes since I can’t remember when.
It’s been years now.
Very frustrating.
I’m afraid to use that feature now.

Yes, I do. Just recently again, V12.0.40 on PC. Never a single crash.

Can you post your crash dump files here? No more than the last two. @Martin.Jirsak , @Romantique_Tp

Best I can do is give access through Google docs.
Here are links to most recent crash dumps

Its the file ucrtbase.dll that is crashing and that belongs to the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes.

Download an all installer from the link below , Unzip it and start install with the install.bat file and every version will autoinstall for you.