Cubase control surface developers resources?

was wondering if Steinberg have considered to create a cubase control surface developers resource site, as think this would be useful to people out there,
and perhaps help promote people to develop control surfaces for cubase,
the way i figure, its in Steinberg’s interests, as the more control surfaces there are on the market, the more attractive the platform becomes to prospective users

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Something like this might be coming, as evidenced by rumors last year about a revamp of the Remote Control features in Cubendo.

Hello Steve the moderator
thanks for replying to my post

well, i hope Steinberg does release some resources, as I am sure such resources would be well received.

Personally I think it is nuts that tactile control of DAWs is in the state it is.
When you think how far Software has come in the last 30 years, but the tactile control side of things are still not as developed as you would think they would be.

I still can’t understand why no one has developed a control surface that completely emulates a standard mixing console, in all features. I.E. a control surface that is the same as a small or large format mixing console exactly, but where the audio side is inside the box.

Sure, there are some great newer products that put almost all the features of a large format console on your laptop or desk, but not exactly. Sure, there are their ways to work around, such as putting a fader bank into send mode, but what if you want to fade and send on several different channels at the same time, and then mute a track then solo a different track in split seconds. Some people work faster than the small multi functional multi feature control surfaces allow

I also think no purpose built plug in control surfaces also sucks
relying again on generic multi purpose adaptive surfaces or quick controls
also sucks - i personally would prefer purpose built control surfaces for each of my favourite plug ins. I just think it would be a better way to work
where you have to think less (remember less) which allows your creative mind
free to express itself

just an idea.
thanks for reading

Steinberg already did this with EuCon. But we all know the history behind…

TC electronic has released some of their plugins with hardware controllers.

Hello st10ss
Yes, I am aware of the various protocols inc EuCon, and what has been manufactured so far. Although i would say that the only designs that have been completed are out of production and when in production, were extremely expensive. So inaccessible to many.
Avid’s array of control surfaces are modular and multi-functional rather than using one knob for one job approach, which I and I imagine a lot of people would prefer.

I believe EuCon is a closed protocol, so the programming isn’t available to lone developers. As the protocol is owned now by Avid, I imagine that in order to gain access to the workings, it would cost a great deal of money to do so. Too much money for a lone developer.

I imagine that what I suggest (i.e. the emulation of the main features of a small/large format mixing console) could be achieved using the Mackie Control Universal or the Human User Interface protocol, and as these open source, costing nothing to the developer, this could be worth considering.

As for plug ins controllers, I am aware of TC electronics plug ins. Which include some useful ones. I have to admit however, that i do not own any TC electronics plug ins.
I personally prefer to use mostly UAD plug ins, due to the DSP hardware, which allows Cubase (and other DAW users) users to compete with protools own DSP powered system.

Thanks for your reply.