Cubase controller

Hey guys, I came up with a quick idea for a multi-fader (4 channel, 1 main bus) controller for cubase. It’s very rough, and can already find things I would change, but thought it looked pretty slick.

Mmmmm! very pretty!
I like the large display… could be very handy! I can’t help feeling though you could squeeze a few more faders and rotaries on there if you bunched them up a little… just mho.

Good work but really what we need is a seriously slick 24 channel one unit control surface dedicated to cubase with eq knobs, moving facets and met bridge…for less than £3000 too! I cannot believe no one has developed such a product yet but i live in hope.


Well, the SSL Nucleus comes pretty close – I believe it’s 16 channels, uses MCU functionality, and has a display. Plus, it’s got the SSL circuitry. It’s $5,000 US – is that anywhere close to 3,000 lbs?

Close but no cigar. I know about that unit but why only 16 faders?? And its pricey. For that money there ought to be control surface that has a minimum of 24 moving faders with meterbridge. Tascam came close a few yrs ago but it was discontinued. Nothing like it since. Steinberg get your creative hats on…