Cubase could look so much sleeker...

With a minor change, Cubase could look sleeker if the font (track names etc) was not bold. It should borrow something from Logic.

I know a lot of users don’t really care, but the GUI design of the a DAW can inspire some to work better with it,and Cubase is a little behind in terms of prettiness. Overall it doesn’t change the way I love it, but even if the fonts were thinner it would lift it overall.

You’re so right. I just upgraded from 7.5 to 9 and that track font was like a kick in the head. It’s weird how such a small thing can have such a big impact. It’s making the whole experience of using the DAW degrade.

I like the newest cubase gui. I was using reaper for years and as versatile as it it, the interface is ugly!

The GUI is Cubase 9 is much better and workable. But this way of doing things in Resizeable and docking windows tec, needs to be taken further. For instance opening a lot of windows are still ‘normal’ windows, that can fall behind or in front of what you are doing (to me Cubase 9 has improved but it is not ALL windows that have improved, the main working windows are. The Cubase 9 look and feel and workflow is pretty good and mainly because of the lastest improvements in C9 GUI and workflow. Also Wavelab 9 improved. Halion 6 Improved a lot with the resize of the full windows and docking (i really like Halion 6 now). I have Groove Agent 4 but that is still stuck in old fashion. So really the improvements are there, but i suppose Steinberg will transfer and improve the new looks and feels futher more. Also if plugins would dock in a window and not are an extra window, it would help a lot. Mostly what i do not like is that windows that are open, suddenly disappear behind the others, thinking they are closed or just vanisched…

I have a Mackie Controller and it is very nice to see Cubase 9 switching windows by pushing or using the mackie buttons etc.

I’d say it’s a personnal thing. I’ve started to use Cubase because I find Logic is starting to look more and more like an iPad app. As powerful as it is, it looks like toy app. Wondering when they’ll include emojis…


The bold font is optimized for large projects on a big monitor, like PT. Since it also works fine with smaller projects and smaller monitors I see no reason to change it back.

Mixer and racks is what, IMHO needs the biggest improvements.
Racks aren’t even scalable and confusing as heck with features like channel outputs, and trying to group Rack and Instrument types all together.
Mixer compared to protools uses about 2X as much space to display the same amount of information (including extra insert + sends all on screen without the silly scroll bar).
I like the Cubase workflow but ya, looks are only modest me thinks.

Yes, they are…?

Mixer compared to protools uses about 2X as much space to display the same amount of information (including extra insert + sends all on screen without the silly scroll bar).

The Cubase mixer uses about the same space as the PT one, the only difference is that there’s a toolbar at the top and the left zone is slightly wider (both left and right zones can be hidden). Not sure what you’re on about.

Hmm, not here it doesn’t.
Racks (ie instrument racks). They don’t scale, why don’t you try for your self and see how funny it looks.
PT can be configured very differently, perhaps you haven’t seen the layout I am referring to.

I work 2560 * 1600 above suggestion would be a nightmare for readability.

On the other hand, high DPI scaling options like WaveLab’s wouldn’t be a nightmare at all.

True, though I’m not sure what improvement to expect there, Cubase scales pretty good on my system? Might be that that is screen/hardware dependant? I read a lot of Apple users complaining about Retina hardware playing up even when running Win10 on bootcamp.

Editor contents scale, but the rest of the UI doesn’t. As in, if you want elements to be bigger than they are then you’re SOL.

Buttons can easily become ant-sized on high dpi displays. Macs got those first, but they’ll be more and more common overall.