Cubase cpr file suddenly very large

Suddenly, a . Bak file grew to 10X the normal cpr file. My project cpr file size was about 2500, but the auto save Bak file suddenly grew to about 25000. No clue why this happened. No significant project changes occurred that would explain such an enormous increase. Now, when I manually Save the file, it is always the huge new size. It’s making the system sluggish.
Anyone have an idea what us causing this?

Is too much to ask, to tell us what software you are using?
For example, the use of VariAudio increases Cubase project file sizes

I’m Using C4.5 with an 870 xenon 8 core PC, 16 GB RAM, 4TB HDD. Further investigation has yielded that there are two possible Plugins that appear to be creating issue.
— Autotune 5.
— Waves True Rvb.
When I delete the Autotune and the Waves Rvb, The .cpr shrinks back to about 2500 KB, when I add them back it grows again to about 25 MB. How can I use the Plugins and avoid the .cpr growth?
Also, is their a good way to detect which Plugins are causing this without disable/enable?