Cubase CPR file type still save as very old version

I am using Cubase Pro 11 but in checking my project folders my cpr files still save as Cubase 5 Document ( type ). How do I change this? Does it matter?

Appreciate it, thanks.

I’m assuming you’re on Windows and have upgraded from C5 to C11. Right-click on a .cpr file and select “Open with…”, then tell it to open with Cubase 11 but make sure to check the box “Always use this app to open .cpr files”.

To expand a bit from @MrSoundman 's correct answer.

The Cubase Projects weren’t actually being saved as Cubase 5 files, Cubase 11 always saves Projects as C11 files. It’s just that Windows was confused, the actual content & structure of the files isn’t impacted.

Thank you!

Thank you for that!

Thank you for your help!