Cubase CPU High, Computer CPU Low

My Cubase 10.0.3 gets high cpu, and audio issues, when I try to use certain higher demand instruments in Kontakt (Embertone Ancient Voices for example with lots of notes sustaining), or with a moderate number of plugins on a mix session.

But, when I simultaneously look at my system cpu usage via Task Manager none of my processors show over 50% load, and most are below 25-30%.

So why the discrepancy? Why is Cubase not actually using all of my cpu power?

My cpu is the i7-6700 @ 4GHz. 4 physical processors, 8 logical processors. 32Gb RAM. Audio interface is Steinberg UR44, project sample rate 48KHz, buffer at 128 samples.


Please I beg of you, search the forum, this is the most asked and answered question on here. Just read, please I can’t take it anymore.
It’s normal, its the nature of real time play back, it is using it, load other track with ASIO guard on, they will use the spare capacity but the realtime aspect has, well, limited time to do things, …oh dear, I answered again, forgive me forum, forgive me…

Thank you kind sir. :slight_smile: