Cubase Crackling AudioTracks! (Mbox2)

Hey I am experiencing audio clicks and crackling at random intervals it is not the recorded audio it is not the cpu or vst performance I have reinstalled drivers a thousand times Asio Mbox 2 driver and Asio4all…

The Asio4all just clicks and nothing is playable and the Mbox asio can play midi cleanly no artifacts but any audio tracks click crackle and pop lol. (I am very frustrated after tons of wasted time 10+ hours troubleshooting)

Reinstalled cubase although only a repair reinstalled I don’t want to unistalled and have to reinstall all my plugs and 3rd party as well.

Ummm… so yea the mic is fine I can use other daws and the card works perfect so its not the interface.

The Asio4all doesnt seem to work in other daws atm driver just drops right away.

Not sure what I am missing here… :confused:


Try to increase the Buffer Size, as much as possible, please.

Ok sweet I figured it out the normal Mbox driver is broken still clicking popping no matter the buffersize or settings and occasionaly wont play anything. My asio4all wasn’t working all the sudden so I couldn’t work and it was because I had too many versions of Visual C++ redistributables installed like 32bit and 64 bit and all updates and what not. So I unistalled them all and reinstalled the 64bit versions with the updates for all the years 2005,2008,2010,2012,2013 and 2015 and Asio4all is working again like it was a month ago!

FIX: Reinstall Visual C++ redistributable and only get the 32bit or 64bit depending on your system with the updates. :smiley: