Cubase crash at shutdown (v11 v12 not got 13 yet) solution

I see a lot of people with Cubase crashing on shutdown. No I have noticed something for some time now which has stopped this for me.

Open the performance meter and leave it open. When you close a project watch it and you will see it freezes. This can be for quite a few seconds on a big project. Before closing Cubase or opening another project make sure the performance meter has unfrozen and is flickering again. I found if you do this Cubase does not crash. If you try to load another project while it’s still frozen or close Cubase it will crash.

Does this work with performance meter in transport bar?

I haven’t tried it. It’s not as clear but maybe it will. I’ll check it out later.

I’ve had this issue for a while. I found that if I let the computer go into sleep mode after working in cubase and closing it out (cleanly), the next time I open it, it will not close out completely. No dump file, nothing.
I just reboot my system before every session and I seem to be ok. I do give it a good 5 sec. between closing my active project and closing out of cubase as well.
They also just released new drivers for my Steinberg audio interface which solved most of my other issues, and I’ve had a few lemme tell ya. They were mostly related to vst plugins which were not ver. 3 (I think).
Also, I use a customized cubase power profile which cuts down on the interrupts used by windows to manage CPU core affinity for processes.
I no longer update windows or cubase on my dedicated DAW until it’s tested with a couple projects I have on another install.
To be clear, I have a dual boot configuration with seperate drives.

Cubase 12 pro / Windows 11
i9-9900KF, 16gigs of 3200mhz RAM, 2 Samsung 970 EVO NVME drives
Nvidia 2070 super (2 high res monitors) I have studio drivers w/clean install
Steinberg UR28m USB audio interface
Steinberg cc121 midi controller
Akai MPK mini midi controller