Cubase crash closing session, dump attached

Hi there,
I have a crash when closing a big session on cubase 11, Windows 10 pro 2004, AMD Ryzen 9 3950x, AMD Radeon RX 580.
Could someone look at the dump file attached?

Thanks a lot for your help

All the best
Cubase 64bit 2020.11.18 (1.23 MB)


The crash is in the Cubase iC/iC Pro component. Do you use it? If not, please remove it from Cubase.


Hi Martin thank you really for your help!
Yes I’m using IC pro, very important for my workflow.
I’m connecting it via wifi via hotspot connection using an old wifi adapter, the newer wifi adapters don’t allow me to create a hotspot…

Do you think it’s a driver problem, how could I solve it…?
(The strange thing is that this closing crash only occurs when working on really big sessions or when using a plugin from acustica)

I had another crash yesterday, after a whole day of work without any problem, I left my computer switched on for one hour to go have dinner and when I went back I did a couple of things and BOOM cubase just closed, vaniched!
I attached the dump file, could you tell me if it’s related also to the IC pro?
Really appreciated !!!

Cubase 64bit 2020.11.19 (1.18 MB)


The 2nd crash is also in the iC/iC Pro component. Btw, the only one supported macOS is 10.12.

I reported it to Steinberg. I’m afraid the only solution would be to remove the component and wait for a fix.