Cubase Crash dump on close

I have started receiving error messages and freeze-dump files since 13.0.41. I have no problems running my project and Cubase seemingly closes normally. However, I get a message on startup that Cubase has created a freeze dump file.

It reports Retrofi, a Waves plugin I don’t think I have ever used, I just got it for free. I rarely use Waves stuff, only H-Delay and Maxxbass. If I have 1 H-delay on my project I don’t get any problems - but on another project, I have Waves on both “sends” and as “inserts” (4 total) I generate this bug every time:smiley: Weird and annoying when you wanna start quick. A Waves or Cubase problem, what do you guys think?

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit 2024.6.22 (3.4 MB)

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit 2024.6.22 (3.2 MB)


Both crashes are in the:

Please, make sure, your Waves plug-ins are up to date, and all related software.

everything should be latest greatest on my computer

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Priceless ! :sweat_smile:


In that case, there might be a bug in the latest Waves plug-in version. Please, get in touch with their support.