Cubase crash for no good reason - video

Been watching this video, and look look, :cry: Cubase crashes on this guy in the middle of session, for no reason, just clicking on a timeline. I get such crashes sometimes too, for no apparent reason. Anybody else getting such crashes?

I suffered many crashes when upgrading to Cubase 8.5

Each time I cured the problem it was a vst Pluggin,

For example Battery 4 and 3 and 2 Crashed. When I use battery 1 there are no crashes.

Different Synths and fx plugs for different people is the problem.

Another pain was Cubase VST Bridge which is still the cause of some crashes.

Look at which project crashes and what pluggins you use. Then try to remove them one by one until cubase stays stable.

As for VST Bridge, well that will continue to be a pain until an update makes it 100% stable.

Sorting through your pluggins should cut out 90% of crashes Im guessing.

Hope this helps

But if you look at the above video, crash has nothing to do with plugins. Guy just clickes on a timeline, and bang.

It can crash at any time. I also had problems with my
UAD Card. When I installed it properly I always got crashes.
When I made a folder on desktop and installed the fx
There lt became stable. Just told Cubase where to look for fx instead of default.
Why that works I’ll never know but it stopped regular crashing.