Cubase Crash Free! Or Cubase Unstable/Vst plugs

I would like to try & document in a single post as to anyone on the forum ONLY using Cubase, and absolutely NO external made Vsti/FX…and reports concerning reliabilty or stability issues. (I think we all wish to see the word “Faultless” come up often …and I would love to see How the “chosen few” (wiser! :laughing: ) Users “teething issues” compare to the majority of users installing countless external Vsti & Fx. :confused:

I think many of us would find it interesting to see how users get on, only using the Inbuilt aforesaid Steinberg Vsts/Fx.

Im no programmer, but would like to also know (any one else :smiley: ) Just how much of a problem in Cubase, and more importantly its own “functionality” can a badly written VST standard i/Fx ( Synth Edit/Synthmaker, C++/ etc) cause. :question:

So the question to throw out there, is "What “exactly” can badly written plugs cause, to interfere with the normal stabilty of Cubase’s code?..Can the code, cause windows runtime errors, can it cause cubase to find a C++ runtime error, or a graphics error,kernel "interference .automation problems etc…or even how much of the Bug checking or Beta testing is valid without the "unquantifiable gazillions of externally written code and its “quality”.

Anyone like to eek out this post into something more mangageable and coherent please feel free!> :laughing:

Doesnt need to be “tech heavy” ballparks will do!. …Now do we include “Driver Code” for hardware (stop me please!)…This could get messy, so what about something more straightforward and lets stick “Laymans Terms”. If its not appropriate, Ill scoot over to and a more generalised answer…So excuse me devs, Im not looking for a “diagnostic” that woud be “impolite”…just generalisations on how one piece of the puzzle can mess up the other…It may even help in users understanding its not always Steinbergs fault, so we could all benefit form certain “tech spec”… :nerd: (The “Lounge” is fine Chris :laughing: )

Aloha D,

I can report only from a ‘Mac’ 64 bit P.O.V. but it is:
‘All Cubase, All the time’ :slight_smile:

I keep a separate hard drive partition (mainly to check up-dates/grades etc)
that uses a ‘vanilla’ Cubase 6 and ‘Built-in Audio’ only.
No other audio drivers and no MIDI drivers. No 3rd party VSTI’s.

All works as expected however I am a bit suspect of some of the Steinberg plugs themselves.
The example sited below (using Halion SE) is intermittent in nature.

1- I create a song using only an iMac (see sig), C6 and Halion SE.
Midi events are ‘inserted’ not played in. No driver needed.

2-I then transfer that song to my Macbook (also no audio or MIDI drivers present)
and it will play perfectly.

3-But then if I edit the song on the MBook, save it and then transfer it back to the iMac,
(for back-up) Halion SE will sometimes (not always) stall while loading
and the song will not open at all.

4-I then have to open the song in C5 (on the iMac) which of course tells me that it can not find HSE,
re-save it, then open it in C6 and re-load HSE. bummer

I have had probs like this in the past with some other Steiny plugs (Embracer mainly) but
I reasoned that the problem was old coding/pre-intel mac stuff etc etc.

To experience a similar situation with the current version of HSE is a lil troubling.

The prob is not a show stopper (literally because I use the macBook live on stage) but
it does make me ponder. ‘whats goin’ on’?

BTW I never had these types of problems with the HalionOne plug.


Maybe we can put your Hse problem down to a “slight refinement” needed…Im sure an update will rectify soon!:smiley:

Overall Crash free?..what size/kind of projects ? So you use Cubase with a Core Audio driver only?