cubase crash & freeze

for some days i’m having a crash i can’t explain:
it doesn’t happen all time (but at least twice a day) it happen always when playing but i don’t know excatly why or how.

what it does is a freeze where i can hear the sound played at that instant going on a loop like 300ms and then crash message “cubase stoped running” and back to desktop :frowning:
if i reload cubase just after that crash then it works and play for 10 sec than crash loop again.
but then it can work ok again…but when i want to save the session i have instant crash i mean no warning no nothing just back to desktop when i clic save. and now i discover that the session is corrupted. what ever i do i can’t save it (!) i get instant crash or cubase. i can load it … but not save it

what i did recently was adding some kontakt librarys and updating the synthogy ivory vsti :stuck_out_tongue:
i use W7 / i7 2600k / 16ram / ssd / cubase 6.0.2

sigh I wish people would put full system and Cubase specs in their sigs or posts. It would save having to ask What bit OS? What bit Cubase? :bulb:

With 16G of ram you’d have to assume 64bit for both but you’re right, full spec please.

sry yeah 64bit.
thx for your help :wink:
i use :
MtherBoard P67A-UD3P-B3
GraphicCard ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
RME fireface UC

today i’m having this problem for the third time. but no “freeze” direct crash to desktop when i try to save / save as / or sometime in the export window when i try to bounce. :cry:

this session is big but processor or ram ar not overladed at all… (5 instance of kontakt with LASSfull / vienna / 4 pianoteq / 2 Alchemy / 2 FM8)

well now i have a session that refuse to open … when i try to load it i get instant crash of cubase…
now this is really annoying…

i found something this is what i did:
i opened an empty session.
then i opened the corrupted session but did not activate it and it works.
so i guess it as to do something with a plugin.

That would be the first assumption, rename plugin folder/s and see if it works.

Edit… looks like you have found your problem.

no no … sorry i did a mistake !
i was attempting to load the wrong session :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ll do some more test but still crashing here

so and the winner is JBridge. i had some 32plugins that were “bridged” and it was working so far but crashing for some reason recently. :stuck_out_tongue: let’s see if it’s ok now.

as i was writing the lines above… CUBASE CRASHED in background…
omg this is the end… dunno what to do.

Thing is, does it crash with the plugins disabled? do other projects work?

without plug it works .
but as the crash occurs “sometime” it’s not 100%sure.
so i’m reinstalling plugs one by one and try to play session for a moment and see :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so after 5h testing this is what i can say.

the problem happen only when i have all the following VSTi (picture bellow)
if i remove one of the VSTi from the folder (in the picture you see that Pianoteq has been removed) them i can open the session. like if there were to many … :neutral_face:
and it has nothing to do with th JBridge like i said above.

OR if i remove only one instance of KONTAKT i can open the session.
for the moment when the session is open (without one of those VSTi) it’s working but i’ll have to wait to make sure i don’t get more crash. But at least i can open the session
when it’s working the processor uses only 7% and ram is around 6Go used

last thing but super strange.
this comes from a template session i did with all these Vsti and Vst and all instrument loaded exactly the same way … and it is working :S

Well, 6 GB is quite a large project and while your system may be having no shortage on memory, your 32 bit plugins may be. Not sure which ones are 32 bit but you did mention a bridge so could have something to do with the problem.

well … can’t be sure. i’v been using bigger ram without troubles at all.

  • it’s strange that openning session or saving session does the crash.
    and when i remove any of the VST i’m talking above all is fine. and they are all 64bits.

well … let’s keep working while it’s ok

so removing instances did solve the problem until now.
i still don’t belive it’s a ram problem i alreay got ram overload and i get a message warning that an instrument can’t be loaded because not enough ram but not instant crash.

anyway i was doing fine and there again always when i try to “save” or “export” it crashed.
this time i was in export window, i cliced on “path” to rename a file i just bounced, browser appeared, rennamed and when i press “enter” boom. back to desktop no warning … i’m getting little upset about this.