Cubase Crash : moving project from MAC to PC

Hi Guys,

Is anyone else facing this issue,

I started a project in Mac, then I made a back up and moved it to the PC,

When I try to open the project in the PC , cubase crash.

I tried with two different projects but its same.

Any ideas !!

way to many variables to be able to tell why you are getting a crash

More details would be useful.

Which version of cubase ?
Any plugins used ?
clean preferences ?
is a .dmp file created ?

have you tried testing a ‘blank’ project

Thank you @Dr.Strangelove for your response

Cubase Pro 12.0.51

yes, (Steinberg, Waves, Native Instruments, SoftTube)
I tried to remove the all the plugins but the problem remains.

I tried that also, same problem.

Cubase 64bit 2022.11.28 (1023.2 KB)

the crash didn’t happen when I removed all the Native Instruments tracks from the project. that means I had to remove half of the project. its really annoying!!!

any ideas how to solve this?

if you removed the NI plugs and the problem went away it points the finger of suspicion at those plugins ?

maybe those are not compatible between mac/pc ?

I have the same plugins in the PC and they are working fine, the problem appears just when I transfer a project !!!

yes I understand - but possibly the NI saved data in the project file is not compatible between platforms

test it by creating a project with nothing in it but ONE NI plugin - and see if that works ?